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The Hygiseat is an sanitary , automatic toilet seat cover. With the press of a button the toilet seat instantly becomes clean by removing the old plastic covering, with a sanitary new plastic cover.

Each plastic film roll lasts 130 uses, depending on frequency of use a moderatly used toilet will use one plastic film for several weeks, after which a replacement roll needs to be placed.

Each HygiSeat comes with 3 plastic film rolls.

Depending on frequency of use, a moderately used HygiSeat battery will last at least a month before it needs to be recharged again. The HygiSeat will let you know the battery is ready to be recharged by flashing a periodic red light.

If there is a periodic red light flashing, the battery is due to be recharged

Yes, the HygiSeat comes with a 12 month manufacturers warranty, if your HygiSeat is faulty, you will receive a prompt replacement.

Yes, as the HygiSeat is a toilet seat, it is as simple as removing your existing toilet seat and screwing two bolts to install the HygiSeat. For exact instructions, click here. We also offer an installation service